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About Dr Dobson

Dr Philip Dobson, JP, MBBS, GDip(Law), PGDipMS, CRadP, LLM

Fully registered and licensed medical practitioner.

GMC No: 3279643  (GP Register)

Professional Development:

Dr Philip Dobson graduated from the Royal London Hospital Medical College (University of London) with the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Dr Dobson is a fully registered and licensed medical practitioner with the UK General Medical Council.

After completing vocational training he entered General Practice where he worked as a partner and principal General Practitioner for over 8 years. After leaving General Practice he established a successful consultancy company (LCS Healthcare Ltd) to help organisations understand the complex legal requirements of registering with the Care Quality Commission as hospitals and independent clinics.

Dr Dobson undertook  training in Aesthetic Medicine including the use of Botox™, Dermal Fillers, Sculptra™, chemical peels, medical lasers and intense pulsed lights.

In addition to training in aesthetic medicine, Dr Dobson holds qualifications in laser safety. He is a Chartered Radiation Protection Practitioner and Certificated Laser Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA2000). In 2006 Dr Dobson was elected a full Member of the Society for Radiological Protection.

In 2009 Dr Dobson undertook further advanced professional training in skin surgery and was awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Minor Surgery from the University of Middlesex, which is approved by the Royal College of General Practitioners for Higher Professional Training.

Dr Dobson hold the BTEC Professional Certificate (Medical Laser & Light Therapies & Non-Surgical Procedures)

He is a full Member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Dobson has completed the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDip(Law) with BPP University College and was awarded the qualification with a “Commendation” and holds the Bond Solon CPR Certificate for Expert Witnesses. Most recently he was awarded the Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree with Distinction from BPP University, London.

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