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Facial Volumisers: - Sculptra

Sculptra™ is poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA). A long chain of the natural body compound lactic acid. The PLLA is injected under the skin to stimulate the production of natural collagen by fibroblast cells within the deep layers of the skin. This slowly increases the thickness and volume of the skin over several months. Giving a natural youthful appearance with smoother skin and a fuller face.

Which Area are Suitable for Sculptra™?

Sculptra is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that can help to correct:

Sculpta treatment begins with a full assessment of you and your face to determine if this is the correct treatment for you.

Once the treatment has been fully explained to you an anesthetic cream is applied to the skin of the face - this is to numb the skins surface while the Sculptra is injected.

Sculptra is placed under the skin in a series of injections which allows the product to be deposited where it is most needed - around the areas of loss of volume and deep skin folds.

After the treatment the doctor will massage the face to ensure that the product is evenly distributed. It is important the patient massages their own face several time a day for the first week of so after treatment for the same reason.

The treatment is usually repeated 2-3 times over 2-3 months gradually increasing the volume of the face and thickening and smoothing the skin.

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